18 January 2008

Ten Reasons Why Oligarchs Hate Chávez

1) Because its majority, descended from chapetones (Spanish settlers in the Americas), from the father’s not the mother’s side, cannot accept that the mestizos (mixed-race), the zambos (Amerindian-African) and the indigenous people hold power. In Latin America, the word, “Indian”, is an insult, only that these people don’t know they are insulting themselves. The oligarchs think of themselves as whites and are heirs of the racism of the Spanish, which lives on even now in Latin America and in Spain.

2) Because the oligarcy has sold its soul to the dollar and its service to foreign masters. They do not know of the words ‘nationalism’ or ‘independence’ and don’t want to hear them from the mouth of Chávez. Chávez is a “bad example” for nations dominated by the oligarchs as they don’t want that the people reclaim their voice and ownership of their own destiny.

3) Because the oligarchs have parted their legs before syphilitic foreign capital so that their countries are impregnated with foreign debt and deformed births and they want all of Latin America to be a photocopy of the gringo embassy.

4) Because the oligarchs don’t speak, like Chávez, the language of the people, and the only language they know is of manipulation, lies and deception.

5) Because Chávez is a true leader with a nationalist, Bolivarian ideology while the oligarchs are leaders imposed by force, by fraud and authoritarianism with a pro-Yankee and traitorous ideology.

6) Because the oligarchs use power to enrich themselves and another Chavista revolution would strip away their class privileges.

7) Because the oligarchs prefer to defend a king nobody elected, heir to fascism and they think that like the plumed one, they can order someone who calls things by their name to shut up: the oligarchs have a fascist heart for their people and a submissive spirit before the empire

8) Because the oligarchs have been ordering about for two centuries, but the time is up for them, and just as the Spanish feared and hated Bolivar, the oligarchs fear the people are infected with the spirit of freedom and for that they fear and hate Chávez.

9) Because the oligarchs have noting to show to the world in matters of education, progress, culture, health or participatory politics and the Bolivarian revolution shows Latin America that another world is possible.

10) Because Chávez does not nor has he to shut up. The oligarchs have carried on a monologue for 200 years and refuse to listen to an answer to their false truths, as their method of governance is wastage, birbery, corruption and genocide as long as this enriches them at the cost of welfare and of life itself of the people.

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Anonymous said...

From a chavista socialist: you're an ignorant fanatic. I suggest you read some history of Venezuela before you keep on the horrible work.

Will you have the courage to publish this, pseudo-comrade?