16 July 2008

Ecuador Asks Ingrid To Show Some Gratitude

Letter sent by the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, to the former Franco-Colombian hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, on July 10.
“We have seen your comments to the BBC London on the 9th of July where you expressed your support to the attack perpetrated by the Colombian armed forces on March 1 on my country, Ecuador.

“We were profoundly surprised and pained by these statements which support and seek to justify an illegitimate and illegal act which was recognised as such and rejected by all the governments of the Americas, including by the Colombian government itself, which publicly asked pardon for going against the fundamental principles of international and inter-American rights.

“It hurts us that you have precisely echoed these statements and versions of the Colombian government with respect to the supposed lack of collaboration of my government… it has even claimed that Ecuador is a sanctuary for FARC who we have criticised for their methods, to whom we have never ceased to call for the unconditional liberation of all the hostages and against the presence of which we fight every day in the north of our country with high human, material and financial costs.

“We suffered with you your long captivity and the day of your liberation gladdened us but I have to expresses straight on that it pains us that you have not appreciated the efforts made for your liberation and your support of the bombing of our country and the violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We do not understand what is the fault of the Ecuadorians in the fratricidal war wrecking Colombia for decades for which you justify the bombing of our country. If it is do with infiltration – despite our efforts – of guerrillas into Ecuadorian territory, then we are to understand that we are guilty of being vulnerable where Colombia has its southern frontier and of being neighbours of a country in permanent civil war.

“Ecuador has made, and will keep making, all efforts in the framework of internal, inter-American and international rights to offset the very negative impact of the Colombian conflict of which we are victims, not the cause. We will keep receiving with open arms Colombians, who in their hundreds of thousands come to Ecuador in search of peace and civic security which they have not found in their country.

“Though we have never sought any recognition of our humanitarian efforts and solidarity with the Colombian people, a little gratitude for so much effort would have pleased us.”

Source: Ecuadorinmediato

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