17 May 2010

Evo Morales Asks Pope To Humanise Church

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, in his meeting at the Vatican with the Pope which lasted 25 minutes, handed over a letter which asked him “respectfully” to abolish celibacy among the clergy and democratise and humanise the Catholic Church.

“The Church does not have to deny the fundamental part of our nature as human beings and should abolish celibacy. This way there would be fewer daughters and sons not recognised by their parents,” wrote Morales. The President revealed the letter in the course of a Press conference at a hotel in Rome after the end of the meeting with the Pope

“It is a personal contribution as a base member of the Catholic Church, said the Leftist leader, who started a tour of Europe which takes him to Spain, Norway and Finland with this stop in the Vatican.

Some “reflections made me propose very respectfully the need to overcome the crisis of the Church which, as you said, is wounded and in sin,” said the letter. Morales also underscored the fact that “it is essential to democratise and humanise your clerical structure” and asked that “women should have the same rights as men to fully exercise priesthood”.

Morales’ unusual request was handed over to the Pope by the President of the Andean republic in his private study, where he came dressed in dark clothes, with a traditional jacket and without a tie. It is the first time that the Pope received the Bolivian President in the Vatican since the former assumed office four years and four months ago.

Morales surprisingly admitted for the first time a week ago: “I want to express the truth: I am Catholic”. This is despite the bitter controversies between the Catholic Church hierarchy and his government.

Source: Aporrea

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